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Acting Showreel


Siemens Road Solutions Commercial

This commercial gives a glimpse of the future of mobility and how trends will influence tomorrow’s traffic. Directed by Chris Callaghan, produced by Aasia Productions and filmed in Singapore.


Phix SG | On-Demand Commercial

I am playing a busy mom of 2 for the commercial for PHIX, a new mobile app being launched in Singapore in 2018.


Short Film "Ponytail"

This lesbian short film is directed by Tania Maslarevic and is filmed in Sydney, Australia by Sydney Film School students. I am portraying the girl with the ponytail. The films theme is about fantasy and identity.
Uploaded in March 2018 to celebrate the 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. This year's festivities will arguably be a more momentous occasion than ever before as the gay and lesbian community will also celebrate the first ever parade in a time where Australians can legally marry their same-sex partners.

zoom2u commercial.jpg

Zoom2u Commercial

This commercial is lighthearted and fun to watch, I am playing the main role of the receptionist. It was filmed in Sydney, Australia by director Tristan Velasco by the video production Chello.


Theatre Performance

Exploring the dark and light sides of addiction in this Monologue written by Alex Broun. The show 'The Archway 1 Monologues Addiction' was performed at Archway 1 Theatre Company in Sydney, Australia, directed by Yannick Lawry.

Anja Meyer Ad 4 Property Video Shoot.jpg

Real Equity Property Video

A property tour of Sydney Real Estate brought to live with my on set family. I am playing a mom of the adorable child actress Annalise Hayes.

Dessata Studio10.jpg

Studio 10 Morning Show

Featured on australian TV as the Face of Dessata detangler brush on the Studio 10 Morning Show.


Short Film "Pity"

This short film tells a story of a man who fells in love with a prostitute, but needs to learn to move on. Directed by Lucas Stanton and filmed in Sydney, Australia.

As an entertainer, I’m happy to share videos of some of my work for your enjoyment. Above you will find a variety of clips that showcase my creativity and performing skills, and give you a glimpse into my professional career. Feel free to check out my youtube channel or get in touch for more samples of my work. Get in touch with me today.

Anja Meyer

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